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I've been saying this for over a decade now...corporate wellbeing tokenism needs to stop!

Recently the Amazon "WorkingWell" program has been copping a bit of flack, its AmaZen booths in their distribution centres have been called into question as 'tokenism' and dismissed. But what's wrong with giving people the opportunity to take some time out, giving your team members a safe private space to 'zone out' and listen to their bodies and minds?

Well, nothing, but the point that people have been trying to make is that with record profits due to COVID-19 online purchases Amazon should be doing a LOT more for its people than just some 'token' booths. Amazon have the opportunity, and the resources, to really invest in its people's wellbeing but there have been plenty of people questioning if they really are or if they are just ticking a box!

Are they looking at their strategies and processes for opportunities to restructure them? Are they looking at their targets and job roles to ensure that wellbeing is not compromised? From on-boarding through to off-boarding, and everything in-between, have they looked at everything with the wellbeing lens?

As this article states,

"No amount of healthy snacks in canteens, “step challenges” or company fun runs can compensate for jobs with impossible deadlines or targets, or the stress of reporting to a manager who is a bully."

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