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Sports science has shown us the way to get athletes to perform at their peak, now we must use these learnings for the Corporate athlete so that they, and their teams, can deliver Sustainable Peak Performance.


Olly Bridge is the visionary leader and a transformative force that runs Build a Bridge and he can transform your most important asset...your people.

The vision of Build a Bridge is a future where people are empowered to Live their Best Lives

and achieve their Best Performance...sustainably. 


Olly has dedicated his life to helping individuals and teams unleash their full potential and achieve extraordinary results. With a career founded working with elite athletes from Formula One and Olympic Gymnastics, Olly has harnessed the power of Sustainable Peak Performance and honed it into a dynamic methodology that extends far beyond the sports arena.

Through leading high-performing teams in prestigious organisations like BMW & Medibank, driving smaller start-ups to successful exits, and being the COO of a joint ASX and NASDAQ listed health tech company, Olly has a deep understanding of the corporate landscape and the crucial balance between performance and wellbeing.

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Olly has graced the stages of numerous conferences, captivating audiences with his inspiring stories, practical strategies, and unwavering passion. Drawing on his unique background Olly unveils the secrets to building high-performing teams, nurturing individual wellbeing, and fostering a culture of excellence through:​

Olly stands as a catalyst for positive change, a beacon of inspiration, and a true advocate for holistic success. 

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Executive GM,


Olly is business savvy and outcome focussed, is deeply passionate about helping others, has extensive knowledge about Corporate health and, above all else, is one of the most engaging, warm and genuine people you will ever work with. Everything about Olly is a true reflection of his life’s passion – helping others to be healthier. 

Olly is an incredibly unique, valuable and rare talent with his infectious commitment to the health of others. I challenge anyone to find someone with more passion and energy about making a difference!


KX Pilates

Olly speaks of “self-care” and that is exactly what he delivers! His energetic and passionate presentation on wholistic health and wellbeing inspired our people to feel empowered to treat themselves as elite corporate athletes. His enthusiasm is infectious, and our participants bounced out of the session –they have been completely inspired and can’t wait to put his ideas into practice! I highly recommend inviting Olly to speak, just be prepared to change up daily routine!

Senior Benefits Advisor,

Rio Tinto

Olly’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious. He has worked with our employees and I have watched him literally change people’s lives! His content is practical, engaging and full of energy. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

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