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Suicide now kills 9 people a day in Australia, with 7 being male.

The number of male suicides in 2019 rose to a record 2,502, up by more than 40% in the 10 years since 2009 (this data is all pre - COVID-19)

We need to do more at a national level but I'm very proud to be part of to try and get blokes talking.

As the article states:

“Suicide killed more men in 2019 than at any time in our history. Closing the gap between male suicide and female suicide would save nearly 1,700 lives a year. Yet most work to prevent suicide ignores the differences between men and women and most suicide prevention funding supports services that are better at preventing female suicide...We know that men’s and women’s experiences of suicide are different. Male suicides are more often associated with relationship problems, money issues, job loss and alcohol abuse, whereas female suicides are more likely to be linked to mental illness and previous suicide attempts."

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