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Psychological workers compensation claims – have increased by 80%, rising an average of 22% YOY.

"The Allianz Future Thriving Workplaces report shows that workers compensation claim costs relating to mental health have increased by 80%, rising an average of 22% year-on-year since 2017.

The data found that one in two managers say they now feel an increased responsibility for their employees’ mental health at work, and almost one half of them (47%) think there’s a stronger need for mental health initiatives in their industry."

According to the Black Dog Institute, there are four key signs that your workplace is not taking mental health seriously:

  1. You have morning teas on awareness days

Morning teas are social - they fool us into thinking that workplaces are ’doing their bit’. But do they really have your back when it comes to mental health? New research shows that Australia does not have an awareness problem, and that it’s time to move on from these campaigns. Workplaces need to use the momentum generated by morning teas and channel this into something constructive.

  1. They don’t offer flexible work arrangements

We’ve been hearing about work-life balance for over a decade, and for good reason. Offering flexibility is a sure way for workplaces to look after their employees and this has never been more significant in a remote working COVID environment.  

  1. You feel guilty taking a mental health day

Mental health is just as much a reason to take personal leave as a physical illness. Research shows that mentally healthy workers are more productive and less likely to take sick leave, so it’s actually a win-win for both employee and employer. If you struggle to ask for, or are denied, a mental health day, something needs to change.

  1. There is no practical training offered

It’s 2020 and mental health is now part of Australia’s national agenda. This means workplaces need to implement mental health training for you and your colleagues and put support systems in place. This will be particularly necessary in a covid-normal or post-pandemic world. There are training sessions and downloadable toolkits available through the Black Dog Institute.

Above taken from more tips on how to have a good first conversation contained within...

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