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How do I get through the Holiday Season?...I use my 5 simple rules...

I had the pleasure of talking at the DAD Summer Drive day a few Sundays ago, these days are the highlights of my year...I just love doing them. However, this time I couldn't actually do the 'Drive' part of the day as I had triple booked my Sunday!!!!

Coming out of multiple lockdowns here in Victoria, there are bucket loads of people that I'm just busting to catch up with...but I know that after the year we've had, if I'm not careful, I will burn myself out!

This was a great wake-up call that I need to remember to balance the 3 legs of my performance stool (see image below), if I'm going to be able to navigate this holiday season and start next year as my best self.

The holiday season can be a perfect time to give thanks for what you have, focus on reconnecting with some important relationships, eating some fresh beautiful food while not being chained to your desk. But if I'm not careful it can soon become a season of overbooking my social calendar, eating all the wrong foods (in the wrong quantity) and sitting on my bum at the beach! So having 5 simple rules, based on my 3 legged stool, help me to flourish.

  1. Maintain my 90 mins of exercise per day routine, just try to involve the kids a bit more e.g paddleboarding at the beach rather than Concept 2 in the garage etc

  2. Use each present/Xmas card exchange as the 'nudge' to practice gratitude and mindfulness moments with the relationships that mean the most to me

  3. Turn off the alarm clock and let my body wake naturally over the holiday

  4. Only book in 1 social engagement per day, don't over-commit to too much

  5. Enjoy all the amazing Xmas food and drink that I like, but never on back-to-back days, ensure that I have more AFD (Alcohol-Free Day) than not.

With these 5 simple rules, I find I start the new year refreshed and raring to go, rather than empty and exhausted whilst also maximising the special holiday moments and not being too limited. Give it a go and let me know how it works for you...Merry Christmas everyone!

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