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DOMS for the mind...

Each year I find RUOK Day a BIG and EMOTIONAL day!

As a result, I often find that the day after, or the day after the day after can be a troubling day…a bit like DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) for my mind! Therefore, I often need some time out! How are you doing in the aftermath?

On a broader topic, it still upsets me that companies feel that RUOK Day IS their mental health strategy, a fruit box IS their nutrition health strategy and a yoga class at lunch IS their physical health strategy! We need to do better…we need to be more systematic and strategic if we are going to support our people!!! RUOK day is a great initiative and it’s a great start, but EVERYDAY should be RUOK day for a good people leader? You can’t do RUOK day yellow ribbons and then accept a work culture that perpetuates 80hr work weeks or workplace bullying!

Sorry, rant over… but this is why I LOVE the work I do here at Build a Bridge and at wellteq ( as well as working with the charities that I do ( & as we continue the conversation ALL YEAR ROUND and normalise that being HUMAN is the BIG FEELINGS that life throws at us and how we respond is not always pretty, but it’s always ok to be not ok! How we work through it and support our loved ones is the key!

If you are feeling the DOMs of the mind today…I’m here for you 😊.

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