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10 major care-delivery trends accelerated by COVID-19

Virtual healthcare delivery is becoming a must. The divide between physical and digital care is blurring.

1. Virtual-first primary care took center stage during COVID-19, and the transition is here to stay.

2. Specialty care will be increasingly virtual, improving access and affordability. Disease-focused solutions will flourish, with full-stack offerings following suit.

3. Care will increasingly be delivered asynchronously, with most provider-patient interactions involving a blend of synchronous and asynchronous communication.

4. As remote working becomes more prevalent, employer health offerings will become increasingly virtual and home-centric.

5. Healthcare providers will expand the use of AI-based triage tools to direct patients to the appropriate site of care in a highly efficient manner.

6. Healthcare for rural populations will be more virtual to ensure accessibility of services.

7. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) will be an integral part of patient care going forward.

8. Chronic condition management, hospital-level emergent care and inpatient-level care will increasingly take place in the patient’s home.

9. There will be greater emphasis on social and demographic determinants of health and how they affect a person’s health status.

10. Novel care-delivery players will emerge and provide population-specific care for historically underserved populations.

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