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Simplifying the Nutritional Nightmare

Navigate the nutritional maze: Simplify your way to optimal health and wellbeing!

  • 45 minutes
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  • Total flexibility on delivery location

Service Description

Cut In this enlightening keynote, unravel the complexities of nutrition and conquer the nutritional nightmare. Discover the power of conscious eating through the principles of calorie restriction (CR), dietary restriction (DR), and time restriction (TR). Gain insights into the science-backed approaches to simplify your dietary choices, optimize nutrient intake, and achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Learn practical strategies to navigate food labels, decipher conflicting nutritional advice, and make informed choices. Explore the benefits of CR, DR, and TR in promoting longevity, preventing chronic diseases, and enhancing overall well-being. Simplify your nutritional journey and embark on a path towards a healthier, more nourished life.through all the misinformation & fads by using the latest scientific research. Focus on what and when to eat for different outcomes using Calorie reduction (CR), Dietary reduction (DR) and Time restriction (TR).

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or move session, please contact me at least 7 days before the event date.

Contact Details

+61 438 041 313

Black Rock VIC, Australia

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